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John Astin

A few months ago I was given a really awesome assignment.  I was informed that John Astin, who I knew from the 60’s sitcom The Addams Family and Batman (and who’s son played Sam in LOTR), lived and worked in Baltimore.  

Furthermore they wanted me to photograph him!  I was pretty stoked, and slightly nervous.  Once I arrived that nervousness quickly subsided, John was warm and welcoming.  And set aside 3 hours for us to work.  This is pretty unheard of.  We spent the 3 hours shooting in several different locations.  All the while he was regaling me with stories about all of his old Hollywood friends, people I’ve always been fascinated by.  Stories about Dick Van Dyke, Mary Tyler Moore, Groucho, and other greats!  It was a really awesome experience.  Here is the tear sheet from the magazine (out this month) and some others that I thought worth sharing.  Enjoy!


Hip-Hop artist Dunson stopped by my studio for an update on his image this past week.  Dunson and I have been working together for a few years now, since he first decided to leave his career as a financial advisor to pursue music full time.  We started in the studio, doing 3 looks.  He rocked it, we made awesome images.  Afterwards we moved to the most important part of the shoot.  We shot on location at Midtown BBQ in Baltimore.  When Dunson first approached me about this project he said two words: Ties and Bourbon.  That is what we went to Midtown trying to distill in one image.  In the end we made out with two stellar images that epitomized what Dunson was looking for and had a blast while doing it.