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Groundwork // New home goods line with Michael Owen and Sean Scheidt


Hey friends!  I’m very excited to announce the public launch of a new home goods line Groundwork, available through Society6 in collaboration with Michael Owen.  Inspired by the drips, splatters and spills found on the floor of Michaels Baltimore studio; the remnants of months of creation were photographed, interpreted and composed through my camera lens.  After culling through hundreds of variations, Michael and I settled on 5 specific prints across 150 products to kick off the collection.  We have placed these images on a variety of home goods from mugs and totes, to backpacks and pillows and more.

We initially announced our collection to a handful of VIP guests and close friends at a soft launch party held at For Rent Shoes back in May.    We had a blast getting everyone’s feed back on the designs, the product and had the chance to share our story.  We were grateful to FRS for the opportunity and to everyone who took the time to come see our line, purchase some initial items and celebrate with us.

We are really excited to finally put our collection out in front of everyone and hope you enjoy the collection.  Over the weeks to come we will be sharing some of our favorite products and images that inspired Groundwork.  As always, we love any thoughts and feed back.

Retro Cocktails

It wont come as a surprise to those of you who know me or follow this blog that I am a bit of a cocktail enthusiast.  A little over a year ago some friends and I began re-exploring the possibility of creating an extensive guide to classic cocktails.  This territory is not unfamiliar to us as we had a small booklet a few years ago.  Our initial venture was heavily inspired by vintage recipe books, particularly the old photographs.  They have a very particular style owing to the lighting available at the time and the method of printing.  Our book, still in its early stages has taken a much different route but as part of that first exploration I took some photographs of some of my favorite cocktails in the style of one of those old recipe books.  You have:  The Negroni, Martini, Old Fashioned, Gin Fizz and The Manhattan
cocktail spread