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Mark and Rachel

Nearly 10  years ago I promised my best friend and his new wife that I would photograph the two of them together as a wedding gift.  Well somewhere between now and then we all managed to forget about it completely.  While in town a few months ago we were reminded of this un-kept promise and arranged a shoot.  We met at my studio this weekend.  Here is some of what we captured.

_MG_8398 _MG_8219 _MG_8132 _MG_8381 _MG_8449 _MG_8511 _MG_8458 _MG_8135

Michael Owen // a portrait

Michael Owen is a Baltimore based muralist/artist and friend of mine.  I was recently commissioned to do a few portraits of him at his Creative Alliance residence and studio.  Those around Baltimore might be most familiar with Owen thru his work as creator of The Baltimore Love Project.  I met Michael 7 or 8 years ago and came on board with the Love project as their official photographer.  We became friends and collaborators.  We’ve recently been hard at work photographing for The Baltimore Love Project’s upcoming book.  So stay tuned for that.  In the meantime check out Owen in his space!_MG_6354 _MG_6423 _MG_6428 _MG_6472

Burlesque // Dolly Longlegs

This weekend we had Baltimore burlesque performer Dolly Longlegs by the studio to participate in the series.  As per the “guidelines” of the series, each performer came as themselves, how they present themselves to the world to be photographed as we interview.  Then each are asked to prepare a costume that epitomizes their stage persona, their act.  Everyone brings such interesting, deeply personal, things to the table.  This was no different.

Dolly Longlegs-01 Dolly Longlegs-02