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New Tear sheets

As a photographer most of the time I get paid for creating unique and creative original shoots for clients.  But once those images are created and published my wonderful agents at The Licensing Project get to work at representing and pushing my catalog to art buyers.  This gives my work a chance to live beyond the original assignment.  These are typically used when magazines can’t devote an entire shoot to illustrate a story.  Here are some tear sheets from some foreign editions of Elle and Women’s Health that used my most popular images.

WomensHealth_June_14 WH0514_Scoop_Beauty_2 ElleQuebec_2014 ElleQuebec_2014-2

Behind the scenes // Girls Life // Dec/Jan

This month my team and I set out again with Girls Life to produce a really awesome holiday shoot.  Our theme this year was holiday party.  Two girls, setting up and decorating for their friends.  We found an amazing location, an old warehouse converted into living space in Baltimore.  This house was full of all sorts of props, cool furniture and an old car!  We suffered from no shortage of inspiration.  In addition to the location we had boxes and boxes of glitter and tinsel to play with.  We can’t wait to share the results with you this holiday!  In the meantime, enjoy these behind the scene photos taken by Arianna Valle.

Dan Deacon // Alarm Press

Last winter I was asked to photograph Dan Deacon for Alarm Press, a now online only music magazine.  It was a cold but otherwise pleasant day and after some waiting (Dan slept in because he wasn’t feeling well) I was let in and we began to hang out and take some pictures.  We photographed in his bedroom surrounded by hundreds of really interesting, sometimes bizarre objects.  It was great, Dan was super gracious, allowing me to shoot for 45 mins.  When we were done I dropped Dan off at the local CVS to deal with whatever was ailing him.  So finally after quite a long wait Alarm has released the issue!  Here are the spreads with my shots.  For the full article please go to the above site.

Faux Magazine cover with Paige

Ok, I promise this is the last post with Paige, although, I’m sure you love seeing her (right?).  We got a lot of variety out of her test session.  The main reason for the test session was to get some magazine style basic white backdrop cover shots for my portfolio.  I have had a few clients inquire, wanting to see work like this and I have had none to present them.  Now I do and here they are!