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Rise and Shine // Girls Life // February 2013 issue

This has to be one of my favorite Girls Life editorials so far!  We had awesome models, the best team and great food!  It was full of challenges and really allowed me to do what I like to do best, create atmosphere, play with light, and transform a location.  For shoots like these, before talent is brought in, the most important thing to secure is the location.  With out the best location, you really can’t pull off a shoot.  We didn’t want the typical modern diner, we wanted something old, red and chrome.  Our first choice was the Hollywood Diner, which was a set for the movie Diner.  But as it turned out it wasn’t available and we then began a few week long search for the perfect place.  We faced disappointment after disappointment.  It seemed that every time we found our “perfect” diner, it was either closed or the owner wasn’t willing to let us use it.  So we eventually resigned ourselves to a less than ideal diner.  I was bummed about this because we would have had to change the art direction.  I wanted bright, warm, afternoon light, streaming into a chrome diner.  This diner was made of wood, and dark, totally changing the mood of the shoot.  So, we collectively sulked.  At the last minute, literally the week of the shoot, we got a call from a friend, our first choice, THE perfect diner, was available!  Thank GOD!  We were then able to get back on track with our initial plan.

The second challenge in any shoot like this is lighting.  I was glad to have the opportunity to make it seem like afternoon all day long.  This involved using gels and lights outside the building to create that look.  The trick is (and my personal philosophy about lighting) making it look natural.  We didn’t want someone to look at the photos and say “wow, great use of strobes!”, rather the lighting should be one of many elements that just makes someone say “wow, what a gorgeous afternoon at that diner!”, something that really sets the mood and ambiance of the image.  I really think we achieved that goal.  There were a few technical problems, lights not firing correctly, being able to communicated with the assistants outside, and most annoying, the wind.  But these were easily worked through.

I also wanted to share of few shots that are variations of the final images and a video of the shoot!  So please enjoy!

The Food Market // Good Eats in Baltimore

Four years ago I have the honor of photographing the wedding of Wendy and Chad Gauss.    Chad was an aspiring Chef and Wendy a waitress both were extremely warm and creative.  Several years later Chad found himself as Executive Chef at City Cafe where he helped to enlist me as food photographer.  We had a blast working on that shoot.  Now, a little over a year later,  Chad has his own restaurant, The Food Market, in Hampden.  Nestled in an eclectic, artsy neighborhood in Baltimore, the Food Market offers deliciously elevated American cuisine and a wonderful bar!  A week ago I received a call from Chad asking if I would document one of his restaurants favorite finger foods, french fries and steak, along with a new portrait for his site.  I jumped at the chance to see Chad again and help support his establishment in the best way I can other than eating there.  The food was amazing.  The Food Market is a must stop for anyone visiting the city!

City Cafe // a must for food lovers!

One of my passions in life is great food.  So when given the chance to photograph food for one of my favorite places to dine, I jumped on the opportunity.  That was a year ago for City Cafe, in Mt Vernon, Baltimore.  If you haven’t been there you must.  In the year that has passed their head Chef and friend of mine, Chad Gauss has left to open his own eatery The Food Market (which I have yet to try but be certain I will!).  And so City Cafe went about getting a new chef.  Enter Chef Jared Rhine, 31, a Baltimore native, he is bringing a fresh take on cuisine to the restaurant.  So I got an email from Bruce Bodie (the owner) asking me to photograph some of Jared’s signature dishes.  The images to follow will also be used in magazine adverts as well as the website. I will be sure to share the advert once its finished and published.  But in the mean time, prepare to be hungry and get yourself ready to take a trip to City Cafe!


Food=Art // Chef Chad Wells // Joe Squared // Campfire

I had the wonderful opportunity to photograph a Food=Art dinner.  This time the affair was held at the new Joe Squared in Power Plant.  This go around the chef was Chad Wells of Ale Wife and his sous chef John Jacobs.  Together they worked out a menu of what I would call elevated campfire food. Succulent hickory smoked trout, roasted beets, mac and cheese with duck, venison stew and a lovely quail dish.  Finally, for dessert s’more’s with candied bacon!  Yummm!!  And finally to tie the whole night together we were pleased to enjoy the bluegrass stylings of The Manly Deeds.   Enjoy the photos of the evening!


A few months ago I was invited to photograph the Food=Art event at The Patterson, Creative Alliance.  Food=art is a monthly dinner series that supports and celebrates Baltimore’s culinary artists.  Those who know me will tell you that this is right up my alley.  I have a soft spot for cooking and eating all sorts of food.  So when I got the call from my good friend David Bersch (recently on Master Chef, himself) that he and Joe from JoeSquared were teaming up to do one of these events, I jumped right on board.  Their menu would revolve around the humble bean thus arriving at the Food=farts title for the evening.  My job; to photograph behind the scenes in the kitchen.  My perk; free food and drinks!  Win all around.  I throughly enjoyed this insiders view into the kitchen, filled with good food, great laughs and good friends.  To read more about upcoming Food=art events check out their blog by clicking their name!