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Oh Johnny O!

Last week we were commissioned to do some portrait and promotional campaign material for my Maryland State Delegate John Olszewski, Jr.  Knowing Johnny somewhat (he lives down the street from me) and supporting anyone who actually gets things done in our district, I was excited to take on the project.  Pretty simple stuff, images of Johnny with dock workers, students, and other such things.  I think we were quite successful in elevating these images.  So check it out!

Independence Day 2012

As usual this year I did not deviate from the typically glorious Dundalk 4th of July celebrations.  On most years this entails a parade at 8 in the morning (after a weekend of fairs, fair food, drinks and friends) followed by a brunch with friends, day drinking, playing games and hanging out.  Then in the evening, fireworks.  Our town typically looses all sense of control during the fireworks and I love it.  Its a beautiful chaos, fireworks screaming thru the air, both official and an arsenal of amateur works.  Its a great celebration.  Here are some images from the parade and shortly there after.