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It Takes Two, Baby” is a new show of collaborative work between artist Michael Owen and 6 other creatives. 

Each collaboration exercises a different relationship and uses a different medium. From photography to graffiti, design to hip hop, architecture to illustration, each piece brings a unique take on the art of the collaboration.

Most of the artists will be at the reception and a special performance by MC Arcieri Keness will be at 10pm. cash bar/no cover


Come to this show folks!  Featuring several of my photographic collaborations with Michael Owen!

Baltimore // rec center protests // bw

This past fall I accompanied Joel Kurz, a friend and Pastor of The Garden Community to a protest at the Parks and Recreation dept.  What were we protesting?  The decision by the city to cut funding thereby closing 55 rec centers (talk about investing in your youth!).  So many people showed up to support this, eventually causing the city to postpone its plans, at least for a time.