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the broken places

A few weeks ago I received a pinhole cap for my 5d mark ii.  For those unfamiliar, a pinhole camera is one that uses a tiny pinhole as its lens.  This is usually the first project for any new photography student.  Often making them out of boxes of oats or shoe boxes.  This pinhole is made from a normal camera body cap.  I started exploring this “lens” last week in the studio where I took the first image you will see.  Its a test shot of my assistant Emma.  I thought it was beautiful, painterly and haunting.  This is mostly because the exposures are 40 seconds to 1 min in length.  Its nearly impossible to stay that still for that length of time.  So small motions begin to show up as slight blurs, marks in time.  I started to wonder what a nude figure would look like with moving fabric draped on it over the same period.  So Madison and I set off to the studio to explore.  Here is what we came up with: