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Retro Cocktails

It wont come as a surprise to those of you who know me or follow this blog that I am a bit of a cocktail enthusiast.  A little over a year ago some friends and I began re-exploring the possibility of creating an extensive guide to classic cocktails.  This territory is not unfamiliar to us as we had a small booklet a few years ago.  Our initial venture was heavily inspired by vintage recipe books, particularly the old photographs.  They have a very particular style owing to the lighting available at the time and the method of printing.  Our book, still in its early stages has taken a much different route but as part of that first exploration I took some photographs of some of my favorite cocktails in the style of one of those old recipe books.  You have:  The Negroni, Martini, Old Fashioned, Gin Fizz and The Manhattan
cocktail spread

Drink: Sophisticated Recipes for the Cocktail Enthusiast

Be sure to get your copy of our new book DRINK today!  We are having a Cyber Monday sale and at $4.52 its a steal!  This small but elegant digest makes a wonderful companion to a bottle of bourbon or gin for a classy holiday gift!  Also, it is a great way to support future editions and the work of young artists!  So get on it, Drink and be Merry!!!


An inside look at life in North Korea

I love it when my friends are up to good things!  Check out this book my good friend Jess has been hard at work on.  Its a touching look at life inside north Korea as drawn by a Korean boy who grew up under the repressive regime.

CAMP HILL, PENNSYLVANIA — History Maker Publishing announces the release of Out of North Korea, A Korean Boy Tells His Rescue Story in PicturesOut of North Korea is an adult book packed with pictures drawn by a North Korean boy that depict a dismal and oftentimes gruesome boyhood inside North Korea.  Hungry and alone, the boy burst into tears when he met a stranger inside the China border who was inspired by a dream to help him.


“Some will say that this story portrays shocking human rights abuses in North Korea,” says History Maker Publishing CEO, Hope Flinchbaugh.  “But it’s more than that.  Out of North Korea begs the adults in our world to hear the voice of a child—to pause for a moment to see his world through his eyes, in his pictures. It’s a true story you won’t soon forget.”

A portion of the proceeds go towards helping North Korean orphans