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work in progress….

This is a new piece I am toying with.  I’ve actually had it printed on canvas, so its a nice physical presence.  Basically I have layered several images over top a portrait of my grandfather.  The first image (and only one in color) is my kindergarten portrait and the second is a portrait of my father.  I aligned everything in the eyes.  Not sure where this will go, it was a late night idea that I was surprised actually worked the way I thought it might.  I am playing here with the idea of genealogy, generations and family.  Its about where you come from.  I may paint on the canvas, not too sure yet.  We’ll see…


It Takes Two, Baby” is a new show of collaborative work between artist Michael Owen and 6 other creatives. 

Each collaboration exercises a different relationship and uses a different medium. From photography to graffiti, design to hip hop, architecture to illustration, each piece brings a unique take on the art of the collaboration.

Most of the artists will be at the reception and a special performance by MC Arcieri Keness will be at 10pm. cash bar/no cover


Come to this show folks!  Featuring several of my photographic collaborations with Michael Owen!