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work in progress….

This is a new piece I am toying with.  I’ve actually had it printed on canvas, so its a nice physical presence.  Basically I have layered several images over top a portrait of my grandfather.  The first image (and only one in color) is my kindergarten portrait and the second is a portrait of my father.  I aligned everything in the eyes.  Not sure where this will go, it was a late night idea that I was surprised actually worked the way I thought it might.  I am playing here with the idea of genealogy, generations and family.  Its about where you come from.  I may paint on the canvas, not too sure yet.  We’ll see…


It Takes Two, Baby” is a new show of collaborative work between artist Michael Owen and 6 other creatives. 

Each collaboration exercises a different relationship and uses a different medium. From photography to graffiti, design to hip hop, architecture to illustration, each piece brings a unique take on the art of the collaboration.

Most of the artists will be at the reception and a special performance by MC Arcieri Keness will be at 10pm. cash bar/no cover


Come to this show folks!  Featuring several of my photographic collaborations with Michael Owen!

Food=Art // Chef Chad Wells // Joe Squared // Campfire

I had the wonderful opportunity to photograph a Food=Art dinner.  This time the affair was held at the new Joe Squared in Power Plant.  This go around the chef was Chad Wells of Ale Wife and his sous chef John Jacobs.  Together they worked out a menu of what I would call elevated campfire food. Succulent hickory smoked trout, roasted beets, mac and cheese with duck, venison stew and a lovely quail dish.  Finally, for dessert s’more’s with candied bacon!  Yummm!!  And finally to tie the whole night together we were pleased to enjoy the bluegrass stylings of The Manly Deeds.   Enjoy the photos of the evening!