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Dan Deacon // Alarm Press

Last winter I was asked to photograph Dan Deacon for Alarm Press, a now online only music magazine.  It was a cold but otherwise pleasant day and after some waiting (Dan slept in because he wasn’t feeling well) I was let in and we began to hang out and take some pictures.  We photographed in his bedroom surrounded by hundreds of really interesting, sometimes bizarre objects.  It was great, Dan was super gracious, allowing me to shoot for 45 mins.  When we were done I dropped Dan off at the local CVS to deal with whatever was ailing him.  So finally after quite a long wait Alarm has released the issue!  Here are the spreads with my shots.  For the full article please go to the above site.

Behind the scenes // Girls Life Sept/Oct 2012 issue

This week we had the opportunity to do the fall issue shoot for Girls Life.  This shoot marks a year since I first started shooting some of their editorials!  Last year we did an 8 or 9 page spread in various locations around one of Baltimore’s neighborhoods.  This year we wanted the shoot to have a fall, back to school sort of feel.  So we chose Patterson High School.  This school was huge!  With really interesting colors and features.  Built in 1956, it had that slightly retro vibe we really wanted.  New schools look like shopping malls if you ask me.

Of course the weather would be insane.  Over 100 degrees in a school where few rooms have AC.  We call it the “sweating in sweaters” issue for a reason!  The models did well though and we all dressed lightly for the occasion and drank plenty of water!  It was needed man!  But we pushed through and managed to have a ton of fun and got beautiful images that I am really proud of!  Can’t wait to share the tearsheets!  In the meantime Arianna Valle took these behind the scenes images.  Enjoy!

Independence Day 2012

As usual this year I did not deviate from the typically glorious Dundalk 4th of July celebrations.  On most years this entails a parade at 8 in the morning (after a weekend of fairs, fair food, drinks and friends) followed by a brunch with friends, day drinking, playing games and hanging out.  Then in the evening, fireworks.  Our town typically looses all sense of control during the fireworks and I love it.  Its a beautiful chaos, fireworks screaming thru the air, both official and an arsenal of amateur works.  Its a great celebration.  Here are some images from the parade and shortly there after.