Stylists at North // Latest Collab

Excited to share our latest collaboration with the amazingly talented team of stylists and artists at Stylists at North.  This is part of our on-going series of collabs throughout the year.  Couldn’t be more pleased with how this turned out.  This shoot found us at Brut Champagne and Wine Bar in Alexandria with Sidney Rubino as our model.  We found inspiration in their floral wall at and clothing from the Amalgamated Shop.  Hope you enjoy!

Brut-floral-18-25708 Brut-floral-18-25698 Brut-floral-18-25879 Brut-floral-18-25922 Brut-floral-18-25819 Brut-floral-18-25752 Brut-floral-18-25712 Brut-floral-18-25666 Brut-floral-18-25810 Brut-floral-18-25626 Brut-floral-18-25836 Brut-floral-18-25842 Brut-floral-18-25875