never get your oil changed at Sears in Eastpoint mall

….so after months and months…perhaps even a year of not getting my oil changed, I decided it was about time I do so. Being in Dundalk, taking care of family stuff, I decided to head over to the Sears at Eastpoint. Now, for those of you who dont know I worked at that horrid mall for 6 and a half years at FYE. Good memories, and great stories, but a God awful mall. It was like the set of a rap video mixed with The Corner, every day. Atleast once day I would chase bad guys because the mall security was less skilled then those in Super Troopers! I digress….back to the point. I went to Sears to get my oil changed, all well and good. The required half hour wait passed and I returned to the dim witted employee who was handling my auto needs. As I approach he is sitting on 2 chairs (he was a man of substancial proportions). He groans, walks up to me and spurts out the following:
“we couldnt change your oil” He then stared at me for 2 minutes, breathing heavily out of his nose.
What struck me first was that this was an acceptable statement, and Im fully convinced he intended to leave it at that, but no, I would not have this.

I replied
“what? why not?”

“your valve cover gauge is leaking”

“what is that? what does that mean? is it serious?” I of course am concerned for the health of my car.

“its a valve cover gauge”

“yes… said that, but I dont know what that is”

He lets out a gasious sigh, as if I am asking too much of him and says: “basically its the gauge for your valve cover, and its leaking”

I looked at him, raised an eyebrow (which is mostly an action done in my head as I cant physically do that) “you just said the same thing in a different order!”

He was about to speak when his co-worker decided to join our fruitful discussion. “its in you engine, it has some black stuff on it. The oil will come out if we put it in, just right out, so you gotta get it fixed”

i pause….”well….if all the oil will come out if you add more, do I currently have oil in my car or did my currently supply fall out as well? Can you show me what you are talking about, and can you fix it?”

the second worker continues…”to be honest, no, I’d not waste the money, just take off the lid (anf you’ll see it because of the black thing) and replace the gauge, then come back to us and we will replace your oil. The rest of your oil is still there.”

This is when I just decided I had to go regardless of the fact that I received no answer to really any question. For instance…how is my oil still there if, when new oil is added, it will leak completely out leaving me with no oil? Do they add holes with their oil or is my currently oil jsut thicker preventing it from leaking? Also, upon checking my engine to locate this area with the black spot I was overwhelmed by the amount of black areas in my engine, and not any closer to discovering this mysterious leaking area. So there ended my wasted hour today at Sears in Eastpoint.

This kids, is why you stay in school!!

Fasinating Rythmn

I was listening to this song and I couldnt help but be reminded of a dear old friend of mine. Someone I dated briefly, but under unfortunate circumstances. I couldnt have possibly provided her with the attention, nor respect she deserved at the time, for my heart was elsewhere, and broken. I would very much like to one day fix things there, as I feel I atleast owe that much to her.

She was the first time I had gotten my mind off of the person who broke my heart, even for a second, and it did feel good…but as any momentary distraction it faded to the pain.

She deserved to be more than a momentary distraction…..had we met under different circumstances….i could have given her that.

Last Sunday

I forgot to share that last Sunday, myself, and my house church “The Garden” decided to clean the hood. We donned trash bags and gloves, and cigars which Joel was so kind to provide, and walked the streets cleaning up the neighborhood. What was of note to me was the amount of thank yous we received. The idea that strangers would take the time to care for someone elses neighborhood like that is an idea which is lost on us these days I think. Also since trash is directly related to crime in an area, it is my hope that we are doing atleast a small part of crime fighting in Baltimore.

Have I mentioned yet that I love these guys?!

eating a donut on saturday

….I just got John Wood’s book, “on the edge of clear meaning”. FANTASTIC! Artistic brilliance, would be the way to put it. If you dont have it…search amazon and get it. Also Annie Lebovitz has a new book out. Its like 20 bucks on amazon….40 at the store…so get it!! I just bought it, so I dont know what I think about it, but I will share my thoughts asap.

The Christmas prep is done. Finally purchased all my gifts…which, I wish I could buy more of for others! And we had our annual Christmas Party at my house “space 126”. Turned out well I thought. It was my first time seeing as I’ve only moved there in April. Good people, good drinks, good time!

….last night reminds me….

that dancing is essential to life. The joy you get from just letting loose every once in a while, letting your limbs make lines in the air. I get so much inspiration from dancing, and its great for stress relief. So as I sit here drinking tea the day after…I am satisfied. Both with dancing, and a great night out with my brother. Who, for the first time, Im really actually friends with.

on another note…i heart clare and kt, two great friends I havent seen in ages were out last night as well with us at one point. So…maybe its that dancing AND friends are essential to life…hah