Paco Fish // Burlesque continued…

Continuing my burlesque series, I introduce you to my friend Paco Fish.  (I realize that the last two diptych’s share the same image, thats only because I haven’t decided yet which pairing I like most.)  I had a blast during this session.  We spent a great deal of the day talking about art, art lifestyle’s, the transformation, the stage and his journey thus far.  It was an amazingly rewarding shoot in many ways.  Hope you enjoy these images.  Feed back on the pairings would be appreciated if you’d like.  I lean towards the first in the diptych that repeats.

test lay out-11test lay out-12

test lay out-13

You can read and learn more about Paco on his blog

5 thoughts on “Paco Fish // Burlesque continued…”

  1. Oh my goodness they are all so good! I think I like the last one where you are pulling on your gloves. However the naked one is super awesome too. The head shot so good! I’m not sure how you are going to pick but I will vote for the last one. Hope that helps. 🙂 Miss you!

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