A few months ago I was invited to photograph the Food=Art event at The Patterson, Creative Alliance.  Food=art is a monthly dinner series that supports and celebrates Baltimore’s culinary artists.  Those who know me will tell you that this is right up my alley.  I have a soft spot for cooking and eating all sorts of food.  So when I got the call from my good friend David Bersch (recently on Master Chef, himself) that he and Joe from JoeSquared were teaming up to do one of these events, I jumped right on board.  Their menu would revolve around the humble bean thus arriving at the Food=farts title for the evening.  My job; to photograph behind the scenes in the kitchen.  My perk; free food and drinks!  Win all around.  I throughly enjoyed this insiders view into the kitchen, filled with good food, great laughs and good friends.  To read more about upcoming Food=art events check out their blog by clicking their name!