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Behind the scenes at Church and Company with Kristin Rebecca

Last week we had the chance to work with Kristin Rebecca again.  This time for her upcoming album project.  After a few months of discussion and art direction between Kristin, my producer Carleen and I, we found the perfect location to execute our vision, Church and Co.  We spent the entire day there and had a blast despite an unexpected and unseasonal snow shower.  Can’t wait to share the final results.

DSCF5228 DSCF5217 DSCF5218 DSCF5229 DSCF5231 DSCF5234 DSCF5236 DSCF5238 DSCF5242 DSCF5243 DSCF5249

Time Spent // continued work

My documentation of my grandparents continue with my grandfathers recent surgery this past week.  A mass was removed from his colon.  A surgery of this scope, at his age and health, made the family acutely aware of how time and age are catching up with him.  Despite understandable worry, my pop-pop is recovering well and in good spirits.  We dropped by the hospital a few days ago to say hi, laugh and chat.  I must also add that my grandfather is a good sport with my constant picture taking.  I think he understands exactly what I am doing and why.  Its unspoken but its there.

IMG_1018 IMG_1007 IMG_0999