100 Friends // Final 4

When I started this project in 2016, I at first had in mind that I would photograph every person I knew.  It quickly became clear that I was crazy to attempt that and had to give myself some more reasonable constraints.  So after the first few shoots the series became focused on 100 friends who have had, what I consider, a significant impact on my life.  Choosing to honor them, much as painters of old, with a portrait intended to elevate and celebrate their place in my life.  Some times the conversations were deep and challenging, other times they were jovial and filled with laughter.  It was an opportunity to celebrate and spend time with those I consider to be the best people I have come to know in nearly 36 years of living.  The most difficult part of this series has been the constraints of having to only include 100.  There are many in my life who deserve to be included in this series.  I was unable to include many due to time, distance and logistics, and others just because I had to give myself a cap.  But, I hope it goes with out saying, that I do not honor them any less.


Lakeisha LewisLauren_Bulbin

Lauren BulbinLena_McBean

Lena McBeanShannon_Gentry

Shannon Gentry