Get married and live in Ikea!

Earlier this summer we had the chance to do a really fun engagement shoot with a lovely couple.  Engagement shoots aren’t something we usually do but when the concept came together we just couldn’t resist.  Best of all, Ikea was fully on board.  The concept was basically that this couple gets married and moves into Ikea showrooms.  Sorta based on the idea that most people when first married tend to populate their homes with Ikea furniture.  So, why do that when they have perfectly arranged rooms already set up?!  So here we see our couple re-enacting domestic scenes but in Ikea showrooms.  Enjoy!

IMG_1394IMG_1091 IMG_1011IMG_1168

KKK Rally at South Carolina State House

“We all declare for liberty; but in using the same word we do not all mean the same thing”


Rob Brulinski and I headed down last weekend to Columbia, South Carolina.  We got word that there was going to be two concurrent rallies occurring at the state house, The Black Panthers and The KKK.  One was protesting the removal of the flag, the other in solidarity with those who oppose the inclusion the rebel flag in a state sponsored setting.  The former was a remarkably peaceful protest decrying the recent cases of police brutality and inequality in America, the latter came with belligerent posturing and bombastic rationalizations for wanting to reinstate the battle flag of The Confederacy.  This convergence lead to a conflagration of ideologies.  Many skirmishes ensued, several KKK members were hauled off either injured in a fight or just removed for being hostile.  Eventually, after the march off the grounds took shelter in a parking garage.  The garage was quickly surrounded by protestors.  The police formed a line between the entrance and the angry crowd, while the white supremacists yelled insults to the crowd below.  Eventually they were on their way and more chaos erupted as a car was crashed into a light post and the crowd.

The chaos ended peacefully.  The police were rather amazing in their abilities.  More than I expected coming from Baltimore.  I think the images and the eventually coming videos speak for themselves.  Here is the story…

IMG_8494 IMG_8500 IMG_8511IMG_8527 IMG_8536 IMG_8546IMG_8565IMG_8603IMG_8616 IMG_8630 IMG_8645IMG_8675 IMG_8679 IMG_8703IMG_8724 IMG_8761IMG_8779IMG_8803 IMG_8812IMG_8843 IMG_8844IMG_8902IMG_8928 IMG_8950 IMG_9019IMG_9092IMG_9114 IMG_9175 IMG_9185 IMG_9221 IMG_9236 IMG_9268 IMG_9292IMG_9325IMG_9409IMG_9464IMG_9529 IMG_9534 IMG_9557 IMG_9563 IMG_9576