100 Friends

The more I work on this project of 100 portraits of friends, the more I realize that by doing so I am also making a portrait of who I am through the people I choose to surround myself with, the people I am blessed to call my friends.  Here are the latest additions.


Andrea JensenAshton_McKenzie

Ashton McKenzieCourtney_Dannenfelser

Courtney and Wyatt DannenfelserKyle_Johnson

Kyle JohnsonMarshall_Dannenfelser

Marshall Dannenfelser

Matt MathesonNate_Jensen

Nate JensenSamantha_Pessognelli

Samantha PessognelliShawn_Hubbard

Shawn HubbardTarah_Boyd

Tarah BoydTracey_BrownTracey Brown


Porfolio Book // Wonderful Machine

This year started with a fresh look at my work.  Analyzing everything from my branding, website edit, promotional schedule as well as a really well thought out portfolio book.  The portfolio book is one thing I didn’t really have.  They are often expensive to produce and just getting started can seem daunting.  But with the help of Morgan Kazanjian at Wonderful Machine we were able to tackle that initial hurdle and get going.  The process was great.  Often times we as photographers are attached to our work for all the wrong reasons.  Morgan was able to view my images objectively and make assessments on inclusions and placements that I wouldn’t have likely considered.

The final result you can see in the video she made below.

Dundalk Trash

Most days, weather permitting, you can find me going on daily walks through my neighborhood in Dundalk.  I find that daily walks clear the mind, exercise the body and help make you more aware of your surroundings.  As part of my “carry-my-camera-everywhere” new years resolution, I’ve decided to give myself mini walk “assignments”.  These will be different each walk and challenge me to not just look but to see.

For my first mini-assignment I took up the task of photographing trash that I came across while I walked.  My only constraints were that I had to pass it, not seek it out, and that I could only take 2 frames of each.  I present to you, Dundalk Trash.

**click on image for detail and to go through gallery**

Friends // Portrait series

It was at a party that I was hosting for my good friend Daniel.  I was described as a “collector of people”, someone who keeps and values nearly every single connection made between people he has come across with.  Surely others have this tendency, but from ex-girlfriends to people I’ve only met a few times, I hyper-value relationships to an extent that its regularly associated with me.  The random comment got me thinking about this aspect of myself.  I thought it might be fun to roll with that and very literally collect people in the form of portraits.  So here begins a long-term portrait project of my friends.  Three came to the studio this weekend.  More sessions will follow.


Daniel WaldmanIMG_9176

Ed MullinIMG_9194Scott Burkholder