Time Spent

For the past 5 years I have been regularly documenting the time spent with my two closest grandparents.  It started first quite unintentionally.  Taking pictures is what I do, obsessively documenting most everything.  Eventually, as my grandmother on my mothers side and a 90 year old friend and mentor passed away the project took on a new sense of urgency and intentionality. To tell this story in the time that remains.  In high school I lived for 4 years with my Grandmom and Pop-Pop.  We developed a close, nearly parental bond during my most formative years while my parents were mired in divorce, drama and starting new families.  This is what I have of the project so far.  I expect I will take it until the very end.

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New Tear sheets

As a photographer most of the time I get paid for creating unique and creative original shoots for clients.  But once those images are created and published my wonderful agents at The Licensing Project get to work at representing and pushing my catalog to art buyers.  This gives my work a chance to live beyond the original assignment.  These are typically used when magazines can’t devote an entire shoot to illustrate a story.  Here are some tear sheets from some foreign editions of Elle and Women’s Health that used my most popular images.

WomensHealth_June_14 WH0514_Scoop_Beauty_2 ElleQuebec_2014 ElleQuebec_2014-2