Mark and Rachel

Nearly 10  years ago I promised my best friend and his new wife that I would photograph the two of them together as a wedding gift.  Well somewhere between now and then we all managed to forget about it completely.  While in town a few months ago we were reminded of this un-kept promise and arranged a shoot.  We met at my studio this weekend.  Here is some of what we captured.

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Time Spent

For the past 5 years I have been regularly documenting the time spent with my two closest grandparents.  It started first quite unintentionally.  Taking pictures is what I do, obsessively documenting most everything.  Eventually, as my grandmother on my mothers side and a 90 year old friend and mentor passed away the project took on a new sense of urgency and intentionality. To tell this story in the time that remains.  In high school I lived for 4 years with my Grandmom and Pop-Pop.  We developed a close, nearly parental bond during my most formative years while my parents were mired in divorce, drama and starting new families.  This is what I have of the project so far.  I expect I will take it until the very end.

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