Introducing Sarah, our new intern

I am proud to introduce our new intern Sarah Deaner!  Sarah is a student at MICA and has been with us for about two weeks now and has been a great help.  Sarah’s work ranges from traditional photography to mixed media pieces that push the boundaries of photography.  I really look forward to all the help she will provide us around the studio.  We have a lot of exciting new projects coming up.  Click on the link and see her work!

One of the downsides however, to being an intern and studio assistant are all the test shots that you must stand in for.  I could easily make a book from my collection of assistant test shots.  Here are two rather nice ones of Sarah from some recent shoots….its all part of the job!


Burlesque // Dolly Longlegs & Kay Sera

This weekend we had Baltimore burlesque performers Dolly Longlegs and Kay Sera drop by the studio to participate in the series.  As per the “guidelines” of the series, each performer came as themselves, how they present themselves to the world to be photographed as we interview.  Then each are asked to prepare a costume that epitomizes their stage persona, their act.  Everyone brings such interesting, deeply personal, things to the table.  This was no different.  We had our cake and ate it too! har har

Dolly Longlegs-01 Dolly Longlegs-02 Kay Sera-01 Kay Sera-02

Adventures in Jordan // Part 1

I have just returned from a weeks visit to The Kingdom of Jordan.  I went to visit a good friend of mine and had a great time exploring the country.  I stayed in Amman at the home of a lovely lady named Merrill.  She was a great host and made me feel right at home.  I spent the week exploring Amman, The Roman ruins of Jerash, The Dead Sea and Petra.  This has been an amazing trip with some of the warmest people and epic landscapes I have ever experienced.  All topped off by spending time with a good friend.  Here are some of the images from my travels.  This first set features a market in Amman, The Dead Sea and part one of Jerash to the north close to Syria._MG_6116 _MG_6118 _MG_6120 _MG_6121 _MG_6123 _MG_6126 _MG_6127 _MG_6129 _MG_6130 _MG_6135 _MG_6139 _MG_6140 _MG_6142 _MG_6143 _MG_6145 _MG_6146 _MG_6147 _MG_6154 _MG_6157 _MG_6163 _MG_6161 _MG_6169 _MG_6172 _MG_6176 _MG_6180 _MG_6186 _MG_6196 _MG_6203 _MG_6216 _MG_6218 _MG_6226 _MG_6230 _MG_6234 _MG_6238 _MG_6240 _MG_6242 _MG_6250 _MG_6261 _MG_6265 _MG_6267 _MG_6274