One of the most exciting thing about being an artist in Baltimore is the willingness of fellow artists to come together and collaborate.  Collaboration can be challenging, no artist is without their own style, ego and objectives.  This makes working together a dance of sorts with both partners trying to create something beautiful without sacrificing individual points of view.  It doesn’t always work but doing it, successful or not, is the point.

I recently teamed up with my friend Michael Owen (mural artist and painter in Baltimore known for The Baltimore Love Project among other works).  We’ve collaborated before but this was our first in quite a while.  We had this idea of essentially breaking his recent paintings into various layers (think photoshop layers) in 3D space.  We would accomplish this by him painting on plexi panels and directing the movement of fabric and other elements to mimic brush strokes.  I would then direct a figure to move between the spaces and interact in various ways with the painted elements.  All of this would essentially be recompressed into a 2D photograph.  Some of this work appeared in his recent show in DC, Adult Love.  What I want to share today is only one of the pieces from that show, the other 2  were outtakes that we loved but felt didn’t fit with that particular show.   Enjoy!

IMG_1708 IMG_1799IMG_1823