New Tear sheets

As a photographer most of the time I get paid for creating unique and creative original shoots for clients.  But once those images are created and published my wonderful agents at The Licensing Project get to work at representing and pushing my catalog to art buyers.  This gives my work a chance to live beyond the original assignment.  These are typically used when magazines can’t devote an entire shoot to illustrate a story.  Here are some tear sheets from some foreign editions of Elle and Women’s Health that used my most popular images.

WomensHealth_June_14 WH0514_Scoop_Beauty_2 ElleQuebec_2014 ElleQuebec_2014-2

Michael Owen // a portrait

Michael Owen is a Baltimore based muralist/artist and friend of mine.  I was recently commissioned to do a few portraits of him at his Creative Alliance residence and studio.  Those around Baltimore might be most familiar with Owen thru his work as creator of The Baltimore Love Project.  I met Michael 7 or 8 years ago and came on board with the Love project as their official photographer.  We became friends and collaborators.  We’ve recently been hard at work photographing for The Baltimore Love Project’s upcoming book.  So stay tuned for that.  In the meantime check out Owen in his space!_MG_6354 _MG_6423 _MG_6428 _MG_6472

Andie & Nate are getting married!

Had the wonderful privilege of photographing the engagement photos for my good friends Andie and Nate.  Now, I don’t typically do these sort of sessions but I couldn’t resist the opportunity to capture this sort of happiness in people I know so closely.  So, with out further adieu….. _MG_5753