work in progress….

This is a new piece I am toying with.  I’ve actually had it printed on canvas, so its a nice physical presence.  Basically I have layered several images over top a portrait of my grandfather.  The first image (and only one in color) is my kindergarten portrait and the second is a portrait of my father.  I aligned everything in the eyes.  Not sure where this will go, it was a late night idea that I was surprised actually worked the way I thought it might.  I am playing here with the idea of genealogy, generations and family.  Its about where you come from.  I may paint on the canvas, not too sure yet.  We’ll see…


Mark and Rachel

Nearly 10  years ago I promised my best friend and his new wife that I would photograph the two of them together as a wedding gift.  Well somewhere between now and then we all managed to forget about it completely.  While in town a few months ago we were reminded of this un-kept promise and arranged a shoot.  We met at my studio this weekend.  Here is some of what we captured.

_MG_8398 _MG_8219 _MG_8132 _MG_8381 _MG_8449 _MG_8511 _MG_8458 _MG_8135